modern christian

modern christian

Proper Breathing

by William Marsh on 06/25/15

This is one of the most important things that you can do and it has to be learned. 

Be Bold in Christ (not)

by William Marsh on 04/02/13

What has happened to Evangelism, spreading the Gospel, bringing your kids up in Christ and all that good ol' America stuff. Now that America has taken such a drastic turn away from God there is no longer any nation on earth that is a Christian based Nation. Christians seem to be running scared, denying Christ when among peers outside of the church walls and even being embarrassed when Christ is brought up. We give God no credit for the good in our life and blame him for all the bad. What was once known to be good is now bad and what was once known as bad is now good. Not picking on anyone but just for an example - As an American go to any Muslim based country, put your kids in school and then demand that they stop with their religion in school because it insults you. Move to any foreign country and demand that they start celebrating thanksgiving. None of that is going to fly, ever.

Every country on earth has their own unique set of values, holidays and religious practices, it is just the way they do things. This is why most people travel, you go to these other countries to experience their way of life. You do not go on a trip to Parris to try and turn Parris into America. If so then what would be the distinction of going there?

The difference is that they would never let you even try, they stand up for what they believe and the way they do things and have always done things, we no longer do that. Nobody likes, respects or even wants to be around people who are wishy washy and stand for nothing particular and change by the whim of every Tom Dick and Harry that comes along, as a Nation we have become that person.

We have become a Nation of schools that ban the wearing of blue socks because one parent has a problem with the color blue because their mom made them wear blue socks so blue socks must be torturous to all children? Well let me say, that parent has a problem all right, but it is not blue socks, and the school has a real problem and it is not blue socks! Our whole Nation now operates on the blue sock principle. The eventual end result of this kind of this kind thinking my friend should make for concern. 


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